Business Services to Help You Succeed

  • Gather the most accurate and comprehensive business and consumer data
  • Develop the most advanced statistical analysis methods
  • Compile this information in meaningful ways so that businesses can make better decisions and perform more profitably

As the leader in the industry, Experian® provides insights that help businesses target new markets, improve response rates and increase revenue. We maintain extensive credit databases to help businesses lend profitably and minimize credit risk. Our collections tools improve operational efficiencies and optimize debt recovery. Our data and analytics help companies maximize their marketing investments by communicating with customers more effectively. In addition, through our expertise, we help clients protect their assets with tools and insights that help prevent fraud.

Customer Acquisition

Identify creditworthy businesses and consumers most likely to respond to new offers. Using Experian's immense databases and target-marketing platforms, you can make customer acquisition more cost-effective and less risky. Optimize your efforts by targeting only viable customers likely to convert to your brand.

Customer Insight and Management

Maximize customer relationships with tools that help you execute successful customer and credit portfolio management strategies. Better understand your customers and strengthen your relationships with customers. Our data management expertise combines advanced scoring and analytics.

Risk Management

In this volatile economy, managing risk is essential to limiting profit loss. Experian programs use predictive scoring models to better segment your portfolio, plus our applications utilize triggers and notification services so you can track, analyze and take action quickly to reduce write-offs and identify additional revenue opportunities.

Fraud and Authentication

Spot fraud and protect your company and assets with Experian's investigation and identity authentication tools, fraud protection services and credit card verification systems.

Debt Collection and Recovery

Locate skipped accounts, determine which debt portfolios have the greatest revenue potential, tailor collections by type of debt, and utilize Experian's analytics to manage and maximize your debt recovery efforts.


Payments Processing and Validation Control costs, reduce risk and improve customer service.

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