Experian's Global Press Office handles all of the enquiries we receive from media organisations around the world. But more than that, we take a proactive approach to managing the release of relevant information into the public domain.

Whether it is a press release on a new product or service, a white paper on a research project, or offering our analysis on an industry hot topic, we aim help to raise awareness and promote understanding of issues in relation to our work.

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Year 2014

Metrobank Card Corporation selects Experian to strengthen its customer acquisition and collections management in the Philippines
May 14, 2014

Experian Marketing Services releases sixth annual Digital Marketer report with results of new global cross-channel marketing survey
Mar 13, 2014

Year 2013

Experian Launches Intuitive Cross-Channel Marketing Platform in Hong Kong
Oct 9, 2013

Experian to acquire device identification leader 41st Parameter
Oct 1, 2013

Oct 9, 2013

China’s Enormous Base of Smartphone Users Offers Big Opportunities for Mobile Marketers
Jul 29, 2013

The Williams F1 Team announces new partnership with Experian
Feb 21, 2013

Year 2012

Mobile communications the most powerful channel for marketers by 2015
Dec 17 2012

Dec 17 2012

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy: Who’s Leading the Battle of the Smartphones?
Sep 27 2012

蘋果 iPhone 大戰 三星Galaxy:智能手機戰誰領風騷?
Sep 27 2012

Sep 20 2012

New study by Experian pinpoints rising social networks stars
Aug 23 2012

Aug 23 2012

Olympics 2012: Controversy, world records and local rising stars capture attention of Hong Kongers online
Aug 14 2012

Aug 14 2012

Experian Hitwise Reveals Popularity of Euro 2012 P2P Streaming in Hong Kong
Jun 28 2012

Experian Hitwise揭示2012 歐洲國家盃P2P直播在本港大受歡迎
Jun 28 2012

Experian appoints Managing Director for Decision Analytics in Asia Pacific
Jun 21 2012

Experian Identifies Disconnect Between Marketers and Consumers in Hong Kong
3 May 2012

3 May 2012

Hong Kong Consumers Overwhelmed by Volume of Communication/Information from Marketers
12 Apr 2012

市場推廣資訊泛濫 香港消費者不勝其擾
12 Apr 2012

2 Apr 2012

Experian recognized as a Caring Company in Hong Kong
2 Apr 2012

Experian CheetahMail在獨立調查公司的調查中獲認同領導地位及高評分
15 Feb 2012

Experian CheetahMail achieves a leader status and top scores as cited by independent research firm
15 Feb 2012

回顧2011 香港網民網上習慣
19 Jan 2012

Insights into Hong Kongers online habits in 2011
19 Jan 2012

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