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Cross Channel Marketing Resources

The 2014 Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend Report
This year’s Digital Marketer Report provides perspective on the evolving landscape while offering insight marketers can use to become cross-channel marketing masterminds poised to win in this new arena. In addition, the sixth-annual report contains the benchmarks and trends thousands of marketers have come to rely on each year. >> Download Report

Mobile Marketing in China
Discover how China’s enormous base of smartphone users offers big opportunities for mobile marketers. >> Download Report

International Holiday Email Performance Study

This study provides global insights to help marketers make adjustments to improve their holiday communication plan and ultimately learn from the past holiday season to make the next year even better. >> Download Report

Email Subject Lines: It's all in the wording

Experian CheetahMail has studied more than 1,000 promotional mailing subject lines and found there are a handful of ways to create crafty versions in order to capture the attention of your specific audience. >> Download Report

The Digitised Pocket: Embracing the Mobile Age
This whitepaper provides insights into the current usage of and attributes towards mobile marketing, the barriers and challengers marketers face, and their plans to invest in mobile marketing in the coming years. >> Download Hong Kong Version
>> Download Singapore Version  

Connect with your Customers in a Multichannel World: 5 tips for Marketing Success
This global marketing report provides essential tips and advice for your multi-channel marketing strategy. Discover how to identify and segment your audience before targeting them with timely, relevant and impactful messages on and offline.
>> Download Report 

The future of multichannel marketing - Marketer and Consumer Perspectives
This special whitepaper offers exceptional insights into multichannel marketing and essential ways to improve your customer engagement. >>Download Hong Kong Version >>Download Singapore Version

APAC Email Benchmark Report Q4 2012

This report details email performance metrics - from open rates to transaction rates, across Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore in Q4 2012. >> Download Report

First Look at Facebook Messages - Best Practice

Experian CheetahMail has produced a report revealing some interesting data points and best practice considerations around the new Facebook Messages product. >> Download Report   

Research Report into Email Marketing Trends
Experian CheetahMail has conducted a survey across the market to provide insights into local trends and email marketing best practices. >> Download Report   

Data Management Resources

The Big Data Planning Guide for Marketers

Winning marketers will embrace a future in which applying new streams of data is a strategic priority, however challenges lie in figuring out how to manage all the data captured at every customer touch-point so that it can be easily leveraged to optimise marketing interactions across all channels.. >> Download Report

Decision Analytics, Risk & Fraud Resources 

Analytics: Where are we now

The acquisition and origination process relies on the ability to harness the power of data and transform it, using analytics, to understand the potential revenue and risk associated with each customer. This report offers thought provoking insights around the latest developments in analytics. >> Download Report

Improving decisions across the Customer Life Cycle

Companies know that the ability to repeatedly make the right customer decisions, is essential to profitable growth, sharper risk management and higher-performing portfolios. However, volatile, fast-moving markets, economic and regulatory change, and new sources of competition make the right decision a moving target. >> Download Whitepaper
Creating value under Basel III

In this paper, we will provide an introduction to Basel III regulation and discuss some of its impact on banks and the banking system, plus a real business case showing how organizations turn these regulatory challenges into significant business opportunities by optimizing their credit strategies. >> Download Whitepaper

Global Market Update No. 1: The Analytics Issue

In this edition we focus on analytics. The beauty of analytics is the fact that it is real and tangible rather than possible and theoretical, and in this issue we try to show you how to take good advice forward into real results i.e. 'show me the numbers'!
>> Download Newsletter 

Experian Insight into the changing face of fraud
Learn important digital-marketing media trends and benchmarks to create engaging multichannel customer experiences. >> Download Report 

Prevention is better than cure
Learn more about the role of a pre-delinquent strategy in managing bad debt. >> Download Report

Report on Debt Management for Telecommunications
Experian delivers a Decision Analytics proposition that addresses the key debt management challenges and enables your business to minimise bad debt, rehabilitate customers rapidly to reduce churn and maintain revenue streams. >> Download Report

Report on Debt Management for Retail Banking
Banks have recognised that managing credit loss and the customer relationship is a challenge and working together with Experian, a solution has been developed to address these key debt management issues. >> Download Report

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Experian offers a wealth of resources through informative whitepapers, research reports, webinars and online videos. These valuable resources have been created to equip you in developing best practices and to help you make informed business decisions for your company.