Vietnam Vietnam
Consumers encountered most fraud incidents in retail and telco during the past 12 months
  • 55%
  • 54.5%
  • 32.8%
  • 35.2%
  • 55% and 54.5% have experienced fraud at least once in retail and telco, respectively, compared to 32.8% and 35.2% on average
  • Impact: Overall anti-fraud capabilities need improvement
Thailand Thailand
Most Thai consumers believe speed and resolution are severely lacking (response/ detection speed toward fraud incidents)
AP Average
  • 60.5% think it is most important, compared to 47.7% on average
  • Impact: Response time as one of key factors to fraud management to retain customers and gain their trust
India India as standalone
Consumers have the largest number of shopping app accounts in the region
  • Average of three accounts per person
  • Impact: Highest exposure to online fraud
China China
Consumers are the most tolerant toward submitting and sharing of personal data
AP Average
  • 46.6% compared to the AP average of 27.5% are accepting of sharing personal data of existing accounts with other business entities
  • Impact: higher exposure of data privacy and risk of fraud
New Zealand
New Zealand New Zealand
Consumers make most of their payments by internet banking
  • 74%
  • 70.5%
  • 54.5%
  • 46.5%
  • 39.6%
  • 40.7%
  • A higher percentage make payments via internet banking to banks and insurance companies, telcos, and retailers, respectively, compared to the regional average
  • Impact: Anti-fraud capabilities critical to the increased digital transaction frequency and customers’ trust in banks
Australia Australia
Consumers are most satisfied with the post-fraud service of banks and insurances companies
  • More than 70% satisfaction rate compared to 59.7% on average
  • Impact: Increased trust in BFSIs
Indonesia Indonesia
Consumers that encountered most fraud incidents in the past 12 months

AP Average

  • 49.8% have experienced fraud at least once compared to 34.7% on average
  • Impact: Overall anti-fraud capabilities need improvement
Singapore Singapore
Consumers have the highest trust towards government
AP Average
  • 75.5% choose government agencies, compared with 51.7% on average
  • Impact: Trust of personal data protection is centered around government agencies
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hong Kong
The least percentage of consumers with high satisfaction level toward banks and insurance companies’ fraud management
AP Average
  • Only 9.7% are most satisfied compared to 21.1% on average
  • Impact: effective response towards fraud incidents to be improved
Japan Japan as standalone
Consumers most cautious on digital accounts and transactions
50.7% Actively maintain digital accounts’ validity
27% AP Average
45.5% Do not do online bank transfers
13.5% AP Average
  • More than 70% did not encounter fraud incidents in past 12 months, compared to 50% on average
  • Impact: Relatively low risk of fraud

Experian Appoints Maria Liu to Lead Its Business in Greater China

Experian Appoints Maria Liu to Lead Its Business in Greater China

Hong Kong, 1 June 2021: Experian, the world’s leading global information services company, has appointed Maria Liu as Managing Director of Greater China. Based in Beijing, Maria will be responsible for the management and operations of Experian in Greater China, working closely with Experian Asia Pacific’s regional leadership to strengthen and grow the company’s presence and businesses in the region.


Maria comes with 25 years’ banking experience, having worked in various leadership roles in banking management and client development, and supporting global financial services firms in various stages of their growth in China. She successfully led front line coverage teams to deliver outstanding business results during her leadership tenures with China’s key financial institutions including Bank of America, ANZ Bank, and HSBC. 


Her most recent role was Managing Director and Co-Head of China Corporate Banking for Bank of America (BofA), where she successfully managed the bank’s corporate banking strategy and team amidst a challenging business environment. Prior to her tenure at Bank of America, Maria served as General Manager of ANZ Bank Beijing, where she was responsible for the local incorporation of the bank and its business strategy and led major cross-border acquisition financing landmark deals. Maria also spent 12 years at HSBC, where her last role was General Manager of the bank’s Qingdao branch, a key contributor to its China operations.


Maria brings with her decades of banking expertise and global business networks having worked in Hong Kong, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Qingdao. She has forged important working relationships over the years with Chinese government officials, regulators, as well as major leading financial institutions and corporate clients. 


Maria Liu, Managing Director, Experian Greater China, said: “I am pleased to join Experian, and am committed to taking the business to greater heights. I look forward to working with my team to continue offering financial institutions in Greater China cutting-edge solutions to accelerate their digital transformation and fully unlock their business potential by translating data into beneficial insights. With Experian’s unique position in China, we will continue developing China’s credit reporting industry, and contribute to the development of the Chinese economy.”


“China is one of the world’s most dynamic markets for both the information technology and financial services industries. Maria’s appointment reinforces Experian’s commitment to investing in China and the future of our business. With her success as an innovative and entrepreneurial business leader, excellent cross-cultural management skills, dedication to developing talent, and ability to lead in a challenging business climate, I am confident that Maria will lead the Greater China team to drive Experian’s success,” said Ben Elliott, Chief Executive Officer, Experian Asia Pacific.


Maria has served on several boards, including the Board of Directors for ANZ Laos, ANZ LiangPing Rural Bank and Australia Chamber of Commerce China. Maria has an executive MBA from Tsinghua University.


Experian has been operating in Greater China since the 1990s, covering three main areas, namely Commercial Credit Services, Decisioning & Analytics, and Identity & Fraud. Experian helps clients rapidly understand their business partners’ operating strength and risk level, implement decisioning & analytics and maintain ideal relationships with targeted customers to drive profitability, as well as prevent identity theft and fraud. Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies in China use Experian’s commercial credit products and services. Experian is also the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China to have successfully passed the PBOC’s application review process for the provision of commercial credit services.

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By Experian 06/01/2021

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