Jun 2020 | News |

While the global economy was already witnessing signs of a slowdown, the arrival of the virus and the introduction of social distancing to slow its spread have undoubtedly worsened the global economic outlook, causing significant disruption to activity.


In response to the pandemic, most governments across APac have taken unprecedented measures, not only to bring down infection and mortality rates, but also to alleviate the impact of the economic slowdown.

  • What does this mean for credit providers’ portfolios?
  • What does this mean for credit providers’ new lending?
  • How can Experian help?

In this paper, we’ll explore some of the key global trends emerging from the crisis, including its impact on consumers and credit. We’ll look at these alongside the likely macro-economic scenarios and examine the KPIs that need to be tracked as the world works towards a stronger and more stable economic future.


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