Due Diligence Monitoring Services

Our Due Diligence Monitoring Services help customers avoid as far as possible financial losses and regulatory penalties, thereby ensuring business reliability and healthy and sustainable business growth for customers and their partners.

Experian’s Due Diligence Monitoring Services act as a complement to our Due Diligence Services. With Experian’s advanced data technology and highly-experienced professional teams, information such as companies’ business information, information on judicial cases, operational qualifications, public opinions, intellectual property rights and adverse records are being constantly checked, and companies’ risk classifications are being adjusted according to changes in such data. The objective is to help customers more accurately identify compliance risk, as well as to increase staff’s productivity.

Moreover, our Due Diligence Monitoring Services can help users uncover companies’ external compliance risk and avoid internal operating risk during business activities and improve companies’ compliance.

Application scenarios

  • Supplier management
  • Agency management
  • Compliance management of partners
  • Corporate compliance self-check

Applicable customer groups

  • Legal Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Contract Review Department
  • Risk Management Department
  • Compliance Department

How Experian can help

First in industry
Person with stars
Focus on compliance management monitoring
Page process with magnifier
Flexible and customised offline delivery
Single point
Longer monitoring duration compared with the other local credit monitoring products
Clock recycling
Always provide updated information files
Provide simple, easy-to-understand risk identification signals

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