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Fraud and Identity Solutions

Safeguard your business and your customers from fraud

In a competitive environment, mutual trust is key to forging healthy, long-term customer relationships. Fraud and identity theft can undermine this trust, and expose you and your customers to serious issues.

Experian’s Fraud and Identity Solutions help to protect your business from fraudsters at each stage of the customer lifecycle – from application and account opening fraud to identity theft and transactional fraud – while ensuring a frictionless customer experience.

Our Fraud and Identity Solutions

How Experian can help

  • Bad debt lower

    Increase retained revenue and reduce losses from fraud

  • Person with stars

    Improve the quality of the customer experience

  • Cog recylcling

    Enabling frictionless workflows

  • Cog with tick

    Improve operational efficiency and scalability

  • Graph percentage going up

    Avoid false positives and abandonment

  • People

    Minimise referrals, manual reviews, investigation time and excessive burdens on investigative staff


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