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Business Information Services

Experian provides business information services to customers, leveraging on its wealth of business data. Rich and timely business information is presented in a uniform format that is easy to read, and together with its authoritative credit rating, helps customers to rapidly understand their business partners’ operating strength and risk level, thereby significantly helping decision-making by executives.

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Reports and Services

Standard credit report

Widely used in bank loans, credit insurance and commercial credit providers, it helps them to assess the target companies’ debt-repayment ability and credit risk.

Overseas credit report

Used in transactions involving export trade credit or advance payment for purchases, it helps customers to understand their counterparties’ credit standing, thus reducing export trade risk.

Advance credit report

Advance credit reports are based on standard credit reports, with investigation and analysis in greater details on the company’s historical background, business activities, financial status and industry standing etc. They are mainly used to evaluate credit loan-repayment ability of key customers or key partners.

Credit overview report

Credit overview reports are a simplified version of credit reports, and are primarily used to analyze a company’s credit status and operating status in a quick manner.

Company registration report

Company registration report can be used to rapidly determine a target company’s identity, judge its funding capability and its shareholders’ background.

Company business license report

Company business license report provides information on the target company’s business license, and can therefore be used to quickly determine the company’s legality and whether or not the relevant business contact has obtained the target company’s authorization.

Company public record report

Company public record reports can be used to quickly understand the target company’s past credit status. Such report mainly provides past records of the target company found in public media and government departments and can include registration data, shareholders and shareholding, ranking, trademarks and patents, litigation records and other public records.

Customized company investigation services

We provide all types of data contents and information products, and use our data resources to provide value-added services.

How Experian can help

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    Obtain reliable business information

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    Effectively control credit risk

  • Enhance operating capability

  • Complement customer group and customer file management

  • People in target

    Generate sales leads and explore business opportunities


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