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Experian CrossCore™

The first smart, open API platform to manage all your fraud & identity services

Isn’t it time we had a way to make fraud and identity solutions work better for everyone? Experian’s CrossCore™ has been designed to help you with the ever-changing, complex and challenging world of fraud prevention. This open platform will enable you to readily add solutions from us, other providers — even your own solutions — so that you can connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems.

Introducing Experian CrossCoreTM

CrossCoreTM is the first smart, open, plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services. It delivers a better way to modify strategies quickly, catch fraud faster, improve compliance, and enhance the customer experience.

It does so through a modern technology approach that combines a flexible and scalable API with powerful workflow and decisioning functions, allowing you to connect, access, and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems more effectively. In addition, because no single system will ever have all the answers, CrossCoreTM is open. This means it supports a best-in-class approach to managing a portfolio of services that work together in any combination — including Experian solutions, third-party services and client systems — to deliver the level of confidence needed.

Who’s CrossCoreTM for?

CrossCoreTM is for organisations that want to cut complexity and cost in their management of identity and fraud, while improving fraud detection, increasing efficiency and offering a friction-free customer journey.

Fraud prevention systems are often designed like fortresses. But, over time, escalating maintenance weakens these systems. Costs climb. Complexity increases. It becomes harder to adapt to keep pace with change. As more systems and tools are added, incompatibilities also grow creating blind spots that fraudsters eagerly exploit. But, there’s a better way – CrossCoreTM connects disparate fraud systems with an open platform, delivering both visibility and agility.

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What CrossCoreTM Delivers

A single point of access for your fraud and identity solutions to protect you and your customers
Single point
Strategies that deliver the level of confidence required at a transaction level
Connected shild with lock
Orchestrate and optimise decisions across disparate systems and services
Cog with networking
Ability for risk-management teams to take control and move at the speed of fraud
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