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Emergency Impact Evaluation Services

With the growing trade tensions, the weakened rule-based multilateral trading system, frequent security incidents and the current global pandemic, increasing trade frictions, policy uncertainty, and supply chains disruption caused by shutdowns, the dampened business and financial market sentiment has triggered market turmoil, and consequently slowed down investment and trade development, all of which have led to an increase in the difficulty of corporate credit management.

A sound credit management system needs to include credit crisis management, with the awareness and ability to deal with emergencies. However, emergencies generally have the characteristics of “high uncertainty” and “non-procedural decision-making”. Therefore, the need for better crisis management in enterprises has become more and more urgent.

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Emergency Impact Evaluation Services

Experian’s Emergency Impact Evaluation Services enable us to sieve and identify, based on the list of target companies provided by customers, the level of impact of emergency events on their partners and key customers. Experian can also identify products and list of relevant manufacturers and sellers affected by such emergencies based on the type of merchandise selected by customers. We can also help customers uncover risks through real-time assessment, default risk involving their partners as a result of their connection with such emergencies.


Emergency risks are those caused by sudden and abrupt policy changes, man-made events and natural disasters.

  • Examples of policy changes: Sino-US trade friction, and Brexit
  • Examples of man-made events: 2015 explosion in Tianjin free trade zone, and explosion in Yancheng in March 2019
  • Examples of natural disasters: Impact of pandemic

Application scenarios

  • Evaluation of pandemic impact
  • Evaluation of impact of Sino-US trade friction
  • Evaluation of production safety accident risk
  • Evaluation of engineering quality accident risk
  • Evaluation of impact of corporate public relation crisis
  • Evaluation of impact of policy changes
  • Evaluation of impact of non-compliant operation by listed companies


Applicable customer groups

  • Organisations in need of comprehensive risk management
  • Organisations in need of emergency crisis management
  • Financial and similar financial institutions
  • Large and medium-sized enterprises

How Experian can help

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