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Consulting & Analytics

Helping you assess and mitigate business risk

Consulting and Analytics enables organisations to make analytics-based decisions that support their strategic goals, so they can achieve and sustain dramatic growth. Key services provided by Consulting and Analytics include: (i) Scoring solutions; (ii) Regulatory and compliance advisory solutions, i.e. Basel/ IFRS9, Economic capital models and implementation; (iii) Optimisation & Machine Learning solutions; (iv) Bureau analytics solutions; and (v) Business review and strategy design review consultancy practice.

Scoring Solutions

  • We offer credit scoring model development and strategy design throughout the whole customer credit lifecycle. Key objectives and benefits of the scoring solutions include optimising customer offer and contact strategies for prospecting customers; increasing automation and operational efficiency for new acquisitions; driving customer level decisioning for customer management; and improving collections efficiency at debt collection stage.

Regulatory and Compliance Advisory Solutions

  • We provide Basel II regulatory solution with focus on credit risk IRB basic and advanced models and their implementation. Our solution will not only support the Basel IRB compliance, but it is also in line with the best practice risk management process. In addition, we also develop IFRS9 models to ensure that the financial statements adequately reflect the potential losses to be incurred at the balance sheet as regulated by International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

Optimisation & Machine Learning

  • Optimisation solutions aim to maximise client’s business goals with consideration of various combination of resources, conditions and constraints. In addition, analytics models and solutions are developed by leveraging traditional statistical modeling techniques together with machine learning methodology. It brings direct measurable benefits to clients in terms of increasing profits, reducing costs, faster turnaround time, better capital allocation, etc.

Bureau Analytics Solutions

  • Experian provides bureau analytics models to support financial institutions in assessing borrowers at origination & throughout the lifecycle with a 360 degree view. It includes traditional score to evaluate creditworthiness, consumer indebtedness, geo-demographic, effective disposable income, propensity to take on additional credit, propensity to attrite, collections/ recovery, etc. Moreover, scores based on alternative data for thin-file consumers create a credit footprint for the financially/ digitally excluded customers.

Consultancy Practice

  • Experian’s business consultants provide clients with exceptional strategic credit risk management insights, detailed enhancement opportunities and deployment strategies. They ensure consistency through deep business subject matter expertise, client familiarity and a proven client engagement methodology.

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