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Experian CSID CyberAgent

Experian is the global leader in identity theft protection services for business, consumer and employee monitoring, reporting and restoration.

Unlock dark web intelligence for your customers by giving them access to the most powerful Internet surveillence tool available


In today’s digital world, it’s hard to remember the credentials for all of the online accounts we keep, and it’s also common practice for consumers to use the same username and password combination across multiple sites. What consumers may not realize is that in doing this, they open themselves up to increased risk of online fraud. If one of the sites under which they have an account is breached and their credentials are made known, it may be possible for fraudsters to access their accounts on other sites as well. Enter CyberAgent, our proprietary technology that detects matches to stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential data online.

CyberAgent is the only Internet surveillance tool that can match data on an international level – breaking language barriers and detecting identity theft across the globe. CyberAgent technology monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points, alerting consumers if a match to their monitored personal information is found.

This powerful tool can be configured to monitor a wide range of PII, including:

Social Security number
Email address
Telephone number
Medical ID number
Credit card number
Bank account number
Driver’s license number
Passport number
National ID number
Retail member number

As a leader in identity protection and fraud detection, Experian has developed technologies that can scale to include the monitoring of non-credit identity elements. Our proprietary CyberAgent® Internet surveillance technology scans websites, blogs, bulletin boards, peer-to-peer sharing networks and IRC chat rooms to identify matches to monitored personal information. CyberAgent can be programmed to scale to search for any type information that can be matched to an individual. In addition to CyberAgent, Experian supports a comprehensive set of identity protection and fraud detection solutions that can monitor identities through non-credit based data sets, including:

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Social Security Number Trace provides users with a report of all names and aliases associated with their SSN, and notifies them if a new one is added

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Court Records Monitoring tracks municipal court systems and alerts customers if a criminal act is committed under their names in real time

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Non-Credit Loan Monitoring alerts users if a Payday loan has been opened using an element of their identity


Financial Account Takeover alerts users if suspicious changes are made to their bank accounts

Give consumers the ability to stay informed about suspicious credit card or bank account changes.


The more time it takes for a consumer to discover his or her identity has been stolen, the greater opportunity for fraudsters to cause significant damage. By providing partners with the ability to send alerts to their subscribers through Financial Account Takeover monitoring, Experian Partner Solutions is addressing one of the most fundamental hurdles in account fraud: the time it takes for a consumer to become aware of financial account fraud.

To enable faster and more effective detection of suspicious account activity, information from thousands of financial institutions is reviewed daily to flag unusual or high-risk activity. Subscriber notifications generated include:

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Bank Account Application Notification: If monitored personal information has been used to apply for a new bank account


Bank Account Opening Notification: If monitored personal information has been used to open a new bank account

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Bank Account Takeover Notification: If changes have been made to the monitored bank account, including attempts to add new account holders


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