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On-site Credit Verification

Experian obtains authorization from customers to conduct on-site survey of the target company, conduct verification and interview with its personnel to gather first-hand information in a speedy and highly effective manner, in order to help customers to determine their partners’ authenticity, stability, capability and risks.

On-site Credit Verification

As an independent third-party credit bureau, Experian can conduct pre-loan on-site credit verification to ensure objectivity and impartiality of on-site verification reports. This will not only prevent internal ethics risk for an enterprise but will also effectively optimize its financial structure and reduce its operating cost.

Experian’s proprietary and autonomously-developed mobile phone app and on-line order management system allow full-process management from giving of orders to submission of reports. Data security is assured and our processes help customers improve efficiency and achieve business advantage through their ability to conduct quick review.

How Experian can help

Independent third-party credit bureau that conducts independent professional pre-loan investigation and ensures objective and fair review report
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Experian’s cost advantage effectively optimizes financial structure of enterprises and reduces operating cost
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Experian is a global leading credit bureau, possessing unparalleled brand effect and social impact, thereby strengthening public credibility of enterprises
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Autonomously-developed mobile phone app and order management system ensure data security and improve efficiency
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