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Credit Monitoring Services

Experian’s credit monitoring services are based on our considerable enterprise database. We combine such data with information on enterprises released by the government, public information and media information collected externally on a real-time basis and apply our data analysis technology to help customers uncover risks in a highly efficient manner from cast amount of corporate information. By using our services customers can understand at first opportunity, the target company’s credit risk such as involvement in litigation, deterioration of operations, changes in senior management, as well as investments and fundraising. In this way they can promptly take relevant measures to reduce bad debt risk including reduction of credit sales and credit loans etc. Credit monitoring services can also help customers obtain new insights. Combined with existing hints in traditional risk control systems, such services can enable customers to have comprehensive review and assessment of counterparties, competitors and partners.

What are the features of credit monitoring services?

  • Comprehensive data coverage
  • Real-time collection of majority of data
  • 7*24 hours on-line order and browsing
  • One-stop activation for batches of company
  • Customized data type
  • Self-defined filter rules
  • Multiple product delivery format (reminder mail + on-line browsing)
  • Value-added service – risk warning
  • Data in Excel format
  • Effective filtering of repeat news
  • Multilingual support including English and Japanese

What can credit monitoring services do for customers?

  • They resolve the problem of credit investigation reports which are not kept up-to-date, thus resulting in the failure to promptly discover risk – The vast majority of data are updated daily, while a small minority of data are updated weekly. Customers will be reminded via mail as soon as specified risks are discovered.
  • They resolve the problem of manual inquiry failing to comprehensively cover risk information – All data are automatically captured and analyzed. Litigation records published in the portals of more than 3,700 courts nationwide include on-going cases, while media data cover over 20,000 news and social media portals.
  • They resolve the problem of low efficiency and high cost of manual browsing and selection of risk data – Risk warning filtering rules specifically designed by experts can automatically identify risk signals of target company.

How Experian can help

Advance big data capturing and analysis technology
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Dynamic monitoring of the target company’s credit risk
Low credit score
Enhanced efficiency of risk identification by customer
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