Experian CSID

Experian is the global leader in identity theft protection services for
business, consumer and employee monitoring, reporting and restoration.

Experian Identity Theft Protection

  • Identity is the new Digital Currency and has great value – it therefore needs protecting!
  • Every second in the day, 12 people online become a victim of identity theft; that’s more than 1 million victims around the world every day.
  • Cyber-attacks and Identity Theft are on the increase, and regulators are increasingly requesting companies to do more to protect critical information, detect attempts to breach controls and respond quickly to recover in the event of such incidents occurring.
  • Experian is the global leader in identity theft protection services for business, consumer and employee monitoring, reporting and restoration. We monitor activity on the Dark Web, Internet and Social Networks to proactively detect stolen PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and see if it is being traded and/or sold online. Once detected it alerts and provides responses and recovery to your customers and employees and will continue to educate them in the protection of their identities and can also help the company provide evidence to the regulator that steps have been taken, to not only educate and alert of such incidents but also to aid in recovery and restoration.
  • Experian operates multi-scale programs, spanning millions of active users globally. These include our services being provided to banks, major card issuers, insurance firms, large corporations and government departments.
  • Our unique combination of proven experience, flexible and fast to deploy platform, along with powerful data assets and analytics, means that Experian can deliver the most comprehensive identity theft protection available in the market for your customers and employees.
  • Business Benefits:
    • Turn this threat to a business advantage – Protect your customers and employees.
    • Implement an Identity Theft Protection Education and Awareness Program
    • Identity protection for your customers  
      • Acquire new customers,
      • retain existing customers through increase loyalty and additional touch-points,
      • drive incremental revenue
    • Identity protection for employees – 
      • Elevate your benefits package with comprehensive identity protection,
      • safeguard your employees, attract and retain talent, reduce employee downtime
    • No technology and infrastructure overhead (OPEX only, no CAPEX)
    • “Live” in market within 90 days
    • GDPR compliant
    • Full customer on-boarding and customer education services
    • Monitors, detects and alerts identity theft
    • Identity restoration and fraud resolution services
    • Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-device
    • Flexible branding options with full customer ownership including white-label and co-branding
  • The cyber and identity theft landscape is complex and unpredictable. When attacks happen, they happen fast, in just minutes. That means response and recovery are just as important as protection and detection, and this is where Experian can help customers and employees. 
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