Data Customisation Services

Data Customisation Services help customers to accurately lock in and select target company groups in a highly effective manner. They also help customers to understand their partners in a short time, thereby ensuring sustained business development between each other.

Data Customisation Services

Experian provides Data Customisation Services to customers, leveraging on its wealth of in-house business data. Search can be conducted based on corporate features provided by customers with information analytics and data cleansing in a professional manner.


Experian supports multi-tag corporate search. Corporate tags include but are not limited to industry attribute, geographical distribution, validity of intellectual property rights, applicant, monitoring of production capacity trend for manufacturers, corporate family tree, etc.


Application scenarios

  • Simple on-boarding investigation of suppliers
  • Monitoring of production capability of subsidiaries or OEMs
  • Rapid understanding of partners
  • Optimisation of list of potential customers
  • Complementing information of industry-chain partners
  • Investigation in scale of corporations
  • Investigation in corporate background
  • Investigation in bribery and acceptance of bribes


Applicable customer groups

  • Legal Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Sales Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Contract Review Department
  • Risk Management Department
  • Finance Department

How Experian can help

  • Flexible and customised offline delivery

  • Advanced AI technology allows better matching with customers’ needs

  • Professional analytics team capable of providing more personalised services and undertaking second review of data quality

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