Independent CR

Independent CR (credit rating) is based on Experian’s traditional CR services, developed through years of practice involving large volume of customer verification. It is highly sophisticated, covers extensive data for credit rating and is up-to-date. Customer can select different delivery models according to their own conditions.

Independent CR Services

We make forecast on the development trend of the target company’s industry based on relevant data published annually by the State, supplemented by the views of our experts. We also establish indicators for the target company’s credit performance. These indicators include whether or not the target company possesses bad litigation records, contractual default or debt default, other adverse records, trademarks, patents and industry experience of senior management. They are then considered in conjunction with its operating scale, background, industry outlook and financial status to obtain an independent credit rating for the target company.

How Experian can help

  • Up-to-date data

  • Rapid acquisition of assessment

  • Wide range of delivery format

  • Multi-faceted assessment

  • Highly sophisticated

  • Flexible pricing model

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