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KYC Report

KYC (Know your customer) is a mechanism for verification of identity. Experian’s registration report, report on public record and report on credit overview are collectively known as KYC reports. They help customers make effective decision through verification of the target enterprise’s identity and business actions. Use of our KYC reports will make customer’s business decision-making more efficient and simpler. KYC report is a regular means to verify corporate identity, compliance checks and needs, collection of data for specific customers, small-loan credit assessment and legality of income source.

What are the features of KYC report?

  • Full data coverage
  • Real-time collection of majority of data
  • 7*24 hours on-line order and browsing
  • One-stop activation for batches of company
  • Multilingual support including English and Japanese
  • Multiple product delivery format (PDF, Word)

What can KYC report do for customers?

  • Rapidly determine authenticity of the target company
  • Judge the target company’s funding capability and shareholder background
  • Complement incomplete data coverage of manual search
  • Rapidly understand the target company’s past
  • Know about the target company’s operating scale
  • Understand the target company’s level of investments in its business
  • Understand the target company’s credit history, attitude and performance, giving the report significant value in credit loan authorization

How Experian can help

Comprehensive real-time data collection
Clock recycling
Rapid verification of the target company’s identity and funding capability
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Achieve efficient and simple business decision-making
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